Practice Areas

Areas of Practice

Sean and Shane Kelley enjoy a family heritage of Florida lawyers spanning nearly a century, beginning with their great-grandfather who moved his practice from New Mexico to Ft. Lauderdale in 1912, their grandfather who opened his practice in Ft. Lauderdale in 1941, and their father, Rohan Kelley, who began practice with his father in 1965 and still practices at The Kelley Law Firm, P.L. Sean and Shane, their father and Sean’s wife, Amy, all focus their practices in the areas of wills, trusts and estates

Wills and Trusts Preparation
Preparing Your Estate

Your family is your legacy—but your hard work is, too. When you prepare a will or trust with Kelley & Kelley, P.L., you are ensuring that the legacy of your family and your hard work is protected for the future. Our attorneys focus on estate planning, so that we may work as proficiently as possible in this complex area of law. When you prepare wills and trusts with us, you can rest assured that your assets are protected under Florida law and your loved ones will benefit from the organization of your estate.

Business Planning and Succession
Florida Estate Planning for Business Owners

Making sure you have clear goals for your business has probably always been a priority for you, but many people are uncertain about what they want their business to do after they pass.

Kelley & Kelley attorneys handle all aspects of business planning and succession:

• Succession or sale of a family owned business
• Expansion by the addition of a new segment or by acquisition
• Liquidation or reinvestment conditions
• Debt and equity matters
• Conditions for growth or finance partners
• Conditions of private transactions or plans to go public
• The effect of unforeseen divorce on business succession

If any of these aspects of planning your business concern you—or should concern you—call our offices today.

Estate Tax Planning

Making sure you have a solid estate plan that accounts for taxation is an important part of protecting and furthering your legacy. Kelley & Kelley is prepared to help you handle the specifics of your estate taxes. Attorneys Sean Kelley and Shane Kelley both have L.L.M.s in taxation that allows our firm to ensure that whatever estate plan we devise is subject to the greatest protections federal and Florida state law allows.

Estate and Trust Litigation
Probate and Trial Law

If you need to go to court to fight a probate action or proceeding, Kelley & Kelley offers proficient, experienced attorneys to strategize and argue on your behalf:

• Estate litigation
• Contesting the will
• Undue influence
• Lack of mental or testamentary capacity
• Trust litigation
• Validity of trusts
• Fulfilling conditions of trusts
• Fighting invalid claims against the estate

Probate and Trust Administration

Probate is a court supervised process after one dies that “closes” the estate of the decedent by transferring title to the decedent’s assets to the heirs. Kelley & Kelley administers probate and trust accounts for clients and their heirs, so that the process is as smooth as possible during what may be an emotional or confusing time.

Real Estate and Foreclosures

Our firm handles real estate closings and contracts. We also represent banks and individuals in foreclosure proceedings.